were frequent. Erythrium, White Cedar The small Bursaria like tree the blossom of which I had gathered in the flow Mulescrub at Bokkara creek was found in fruit. It is round pubescent ½ inch in diameter with five visible lines. It is unicapular unilocular with 5 lateral placentas and many small compressed seeds.
A little tree with plumlike leaf, oval bright green alternate - had a fruit like a large slow but no hard kernel, it was monosperne with large cotyledons and had a remarkably strong smell of aqua laurocerasi 4 dentali calyn 4 diversions of the corolla (cestivat valvate) . The petals with hair inside, 8 stamens 1 pistile. Pittospornum linears folium, Capparis with brown rugged fruit. -
An asdepiadaceous timber with big sub oval seedvessels.
I have to mention that Mr Bruce brought the following plants from the little hill opposite our camp at Castle creek. Haya, Dodonaea with Anear leaves, Ziersa with woolly leaf, Hibbertia with downy subdentate and dentate leaf.
The common Rawinculus was found in the flats. The Rubiaceous little tree of Ant camp was also collected.
Cissus was common along Zania creek, a little tree with pubescent leaf and birdwinged seedvessel belonging to the Conibretacear (Terminalia) - a little Rubraceous Shrub. pp.
In the farther flat which was covered with the richest grass I ever have seen, a [indecipherable] with small white blossoms formed a maze very difficult to pass through and Clematis did the same on many spots of the creek.
Today the 5th Febr. we went down to Zamia creek passed Vanga Vanga camp and went as far as White Kangaroo camp, where we are at present. The creek is much better provided with water and grass than 2 years ago.


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