bath regularly every day, the perspiration and accumulation of dirt on the men is enormous.
We heard the call of the satinbird at Erithonia camp, the Vonga Vonga pigeon was very numerous in the NWest gullies. [Pornatorhgucker?] tibicen with its gurgling note is heard during the morning. - We noticed the laughing Jackass of Pt Essington (D. cervina) according to the note at the Condamine Mr. Dawson, but at the Robinson Ruined Castle Creek Zamia Creek and here, we hear nothing but Dacelo giganteus.—
the 12th of february  We stopt at the camp of last night to give a spell to our mules and cattle. During the night we had a long tremendous rain which swampt the tents and rendered the flat extremely boggy. I rode with Brown to a whinstone hill bearing WNW from the camp, believing that our old Myal camp was at the NW side. That was however not the case. We saw a small hill NW from the top of that on which we were and beyond it there were those plains which we had crossed in coming from a waterless camp. I now determined to make if possible Myal camp next day. Bottle trees were very numerous in the scrub on and round the hill and we past several fresh nests of the native [turquey?]. One we examined and found after 2½ - 3 feet digging in the centre of the large heap 2 eggs: we roasted them, but when opening them for eating we found young ones in both, one very near hatching, the other very young. —
The 13th february. We had again heavy rain. The creek was roaring and bank high but ran off very quickly. We started and went round the WNW hill over entirely scrubby country, being frequently compelled by impenetrable scrub and thicket to turn from our road. The ground was very heavy and when we came to the openings at the SEast side of the little hill, it became so heavy that I camped

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