An immense number of crows have collected round the rocky junction of the 2 creeks where they seem to watch the little fish, which try to go up and down the rapids. 2 fine fish eagles have also made their appearance.
The blight has made its appearance again and it seems that it is in some way connected if not caused by the flies which have become equally troublesome.
The morning and forenoon are generally very pleasant, cool and with cooling breezes and pass quickly by, but the afternoons are calm, scorchingly hot and seem to pass extremely slow particularly to those poor devils who suffer under attacks of fever. After sunset it is again very pleasant. The nights are cool, the morning past very cold but the muskitoes are almost during the whole night extremely troublesome.
For Eastersunday we killed the fattest sheep we ever have killed, the goats commence also to fatten. Both have been rushed a good deal by native dogs.
A large Kangaroo was killed which wounded Swift severely under the shoulder.
We 14th of April. According to my resolution I started Tuesday the 6th of April with Mr. Bunce Turnbull Boecking Perry and Wommai who should only assist us in finding the cattle and after that he should return to Mr Mann and Hely to assist them. We travelled on without interruption over those plains covered with the nasty prickly Chenapodraceous [?] annual and  scattered over with Box trees, which are separated by a belt of scrub from the bed of the river. The latter is furrowed by smaller or larger gullies and water courses. About 3 miles to the Northward we came in sight of a range and having past several rocky gullies, one

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