It was Saturday the 19th of April, when we succeeded to move on again. We were glad to have our horses and cattle together - the goats and sheep were about [indecipherable]. We travelled about WNW or NW [?] W for about 10 miles through an abject scrubby country about 9 miles from the last camp. There was a plain with chains of ponds but from them scrub without interruption, though with one or 2 chains of temporary ponds. I dispaired of getting out of it before sunset and of making the river, when we came on a watch [indecipherable] which soon brought me to fine opening with long ponds of water along the foot of low scrubbly hills, covered with waterlilies {Nymphaeas} and surrounded with fine grass. Here we camped. At starting it felt most miserable but I improved towards the end of the journey and so did several of my companions. The camp is delightful; few or no musketoes [mosquitoes] and refreshing breezes and water close by. That this morning I wished to
continue my journey but 2 horses and I mule are strangely absent and the cattle has as usually [usual] divided giving Mr Brown a long and fatiguing ride.This will prevent us from starting. My companions seem to get better. Brown has commenced his duties, Turnbull is [indecipherable] up again. Bunce Boecking and Perry have assisted in loading. Hely and Mann are still thorough invalids.
The cattle were found at they had split into 3 mobs and one had returned to the last camp, the abject horses had also returned the greater part of the way. As we were riding down the lagoons, all adorned with the purple blossoms of Nymphaea. we saw a great number of large camps of the natives who no doubt had feasted on the seeds, the seed vessels still remaining. A gin was in the water occupied with fishing; but a large fire burned at the water's edge. As soon as she saw us, she raised a pitiful call and retired to her companions. The natives had formed a regular footpath along these lagoons, which were all extremely boggy and allowed our cattle only with difficulty to approach

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