In the middle of the night it got cloudy and commenced raining. This continued the 21st of April Wednesday and as all are very tired by the long stage of the proceeding day I determined to stop. The rain continued the whole day but during the night it cleared it and the 22 April (Thursday) morning was most beautiful and promising. The horses and mules came in but unfortunately 3 were wanting. Brown went out again and stopt out long time without being able to find them. We had been on damper diet for some time which made a great inroad in our good flour. I wished not to kill before arriving at Peak Range which was now like a promised land before me. However the diet not agreeing with us. The weather promising so fair the probably necessary delay of our horses determined me to kill our cow during the afternoon. That was done next morning the meat was cut up and alas! rain commenced again and lasted the whole 28th April Thursday Tuesday and almost the whole night, We do not yet know wether we shall be able to save it for the sky is still cloudy today, Saturday 24th and threatening and the wind is still easterly quarters. The first quarter of the moon is just past and it is probable that the rain will ease as it approaches full moon. My horses are quite as much concern as they have not yet been found. It is very very strange how misfortune pursues me in this expedition. We are all still very weak and Brince was knocked up yesterday and the first rainy day we had. Womma is also hors de combat and the others are extremely weak, and scarcely able to do any thing We cut our bullocks formerly up in 4 hours . Yesterday we cut from morning to nightly and I was afraid we should not get over it in a day. Blackfellows have been near by Brown but not seen and as black? dusk has been shots. James shll? very vase? in our kitchens.
The water course on which we came ? took a course South by East and South South East and the creek on which we are encamped to the Southward and South South West and joins no doubt the Hacking

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