Monday the 19th. Today our horses came in early and as we had watched over cattle during the night, we loaded slowly and had a tolerable start.
 for 1 - 2 miles we travelled [?] through scrub, which however opened and allowed us a fair progress. After 3 miles we crossed the head of the lagoon creek and rose at their left side to fine open downs from one of which Brown first discerned peak Range in a distance of about 25 miles. Ropers and Scotts Peak became very eminent and so Gilberts Dome,  the [indecipherable] ranges appeared as we proceeded.  I dare say we travelled about 7 miles over magnificent downs, which seem to extend to the foot of the peaks, though I know that a different country is still [indecipherable].. We found a fine supply of water in one of the hollows which run down and separate the different plains and consequently went into a up to prevent the possibility of [indecipherable] giving my companions and to be without water. The Myall is in patches and these downs and Santalum is frequent in the hollows. The Rolling weed is abundant. We saw 3 or more natives but they withdrew.
Tuesday the 20th. We travelled for more than 8 miles N.b W over open downs, the most beautiful country, but here a wide belt of scrub appeared, which we had to cross. I entered into it and still followed a NNW and NW direction as well as I could, until I came to a water course following in opposite fall.[?] We had now travelled 5 hours with some long delays and and I thought it adviseable [advisable] to follow the water course in order to come to water. We travelled about 2 hours more, the banks of the watercourse became more grassy and open; a pool of water existed in one of these openings but not sufficient for our cattle. I went on and came on downs again and saw a larger belt of green trees to which I crossed over a plain and found ample supply of water - Brown chased some Emus and the scrub abounded with kangaroos.

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