and had unfortunately divided. Wommai tracked however the other mob with great sagacity and we took altogether to the camp, where Mann and Hely were shifting for themselves as well as they could. During the afternoon we started again to find the missing mob; but it was too late to follow their tracks. from a fresh camp with fresh [indecipherable]. Next morning the 8th April Wommai went out and soon came in with all the cattle and horses and mules. The mules were caught and tied up and had to keep a long lea fast for the next morning. Though we were busily occupied, we had an almost elusive [exclusive?] flour diet,  which seemed to increase my strength. the 9th of April none of our mules were had broken its left rope and are commenced to load as soon as Wommai had pitched in the cattle and spare horses. We went cheerfully to work and had done in about 3 hours time, having
a short spell between. And 13 mules loading was a heavy work for 2 weak people. Unfortunately several of the loaded mules broke loose and just when we were going to stop and I rode out to collect the stragglers one of them came in north his its load thrown. One side load sliding on the ground. Nobody had seen him go. Wommai and
myself came [indecipherable] immediately a search after the lost things and succeeded in finding the toploads and the [indecipherable], but all our endeavours to find the sideloads, which contained the most valuable articles of my expeditions as 5000 caps, were in vain. It was out of the question to leave them behind and the long search had shortened the day. I was miserable, [indecipherable] & had felt sick an
disappointment after such a com

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