Mr Bunce found a plant new to me which has the
2 cornered [?] of saxifrage but few seeds.
26th Febru. the rain set in last night and continued strong not only during the night but during the day. The place on which we camped was very scrubby and got extremely boggy.  This induced me to go on [?] to find at least an open camping place. I consequently followed the scrub creek or lagoon which is at present well supplied with yellow water and went to camp in a more open [indecipherable] forest with plenty of grass and with a firmer ground. The rain continued during the afternoon and pools of water formed rapidly all over our camp and round our tent, which we made serviceable by putting a thick layer of the branches of [indecipherable] and [indecepherable] on the ground. The wind drifted a little more to the East and N East but and came frequently in strong puffs, but seemed to return to the old quarter.
27 Febr. the Rain continued during the night and put our camp is in the most shocking boggy condition, we have to wade through mud as soon as we leave our tent and even that contains pools of water. The ground is however sufficiently grassy and soft, not to clog as former camps and we have the advantage of dragging our feet tolerably clear out of the dirt. I remain in the same place because it is extremely heavy for our mules to travel and I do not know wether we find such a good and open camping place as it is out of the question to get out of the scrub to Blackfellow Cooee Camp. A kangaroo came to the camp and the dogs gave it a rain chase, the
Sky looks a little lighter and it is almost calm, the smoke rises freely into the air and I hope the weather will change. A species of Sythmus [?] is growing along the the [?] edge. Bauhinia has a yellowish transparent, very brittle [?] We have some 78 sheep left. the poor things, but particularly the goats suffer most of the rainy

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