when approaching it. The heartwood of the Bracklow is dark and has a grain like that of the Myal and is well scented through not like the violet scented of the latter. Many other acacias have this dark heartwood and frequently a peculiar scent within it. Some days ago I found a Syzygium? tree covered with its blue fruit, which resembles a species of cherry; but its is extremely rare to find any quantity of this fruit. I ate also a good number of the Loranthus fruit growing with the Myal and Bricklow. It is a yellow colour, sweet and glutinous with very green [coalsy?] Brown had to go back to the camp before last where he found the 4 head of cattle. They had crossed? every creek with high water to get back. on the The natives had been to the camp and had examined every rusk of it; they had also visited the place in a little creek where we led our mules through and have probably found the sugar bag and enjoyed its contents. We saw frequent [?] of very fresh date. When we had arrived at the camp and just down the calf from the mule, we took little notice of it and the little brute hungry and thirsty got on its legs and huddles off in the green high herbage. Towards evening the question was broached wether we had to kill it and when we looked for it it was gone and all our searching was in vain. The cow came late, but the calf was gone. At night however the little vagabond felt the pangs of hunger stronger and commenced to sing bad, which led us to his discovery; we brought him to the mother, which took little notice of him. I stop however today on the same place and they will become more known to each other. The sand flies and mosquitoes are getting rare

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