I was surprised of finding Isopogon anemonefol in New England between Nichols accommodation House and Maryland., Banksia integrifolia was also abundant and the small dainty but grassy flats surrounded with this tree reminded me of many [can't read] in Queensland and the Coburg Peninsula. A little shrub with opposite gray leaves was in [can't read] all over New England and a fine showing of Cryptandra[?] Backhousia was very abundant.
The people of the Downs are everywhere busy with sheep washing and shearing which is much later this year than in former ones.
The strong sea breeze which sets in from East and East by N. [can't read] after sunset reminds me strongly of the breeze along the Mackenzie and Peak Ranges and I conclude by the time that the latter locality  is as far or farther from the seacoast as Darling Downs are, the breeze is generally strongest on the hottest days.
At Brackers we made tether ropes of greenhide for every mule to facilitate our catching those obstinate animals. After having cut straps for the various packsaddles to tie the loads on, we shall have done every thing our ingenuity and experience could advice to make our progress less embarrassed by possible upsetting of loads.
As Mr Turnbull did not arrive, I have offered the vacant place to Mr Walter Smith, a gentleman whom I had the opportunity of observing

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