21st Jan   We stopt [stopped] at the Dawson and I went reconnaissing to ascertain, at what part of the River we were.  I found, that we were about 7 miles above the junction of Palmtree creek in lat, very near to one of our old camps.  On the Bottle tree Ridges Swift killed a Halmaturus manicatus a fine male & with fat in the mesentery Manse went and took bearings and sketches of Gilberts and Lynds  Range adding the Bottle tree and the character of the country.  Wommai and Brown destroyed a large nest of hornets and got the comb full of grubs, which th oval (elliptical) 1¼ ' long  1' broad, which they roasted, and which we found most excellent to eat.  I have never seen so many hornuts [hornets], they gave us a great deal of annoyance and Brown was once thrown from his horse in consequence of its [it] being stung by hornuts [hornets]. the comb is not stalked. We meet also a great number of webs of the Big Epeira of N. Wales with its silky golden coloured threats.  Some are however not so richly coloured, which depends perhaps on the age or the sex.  Another Epeira with spinous tubercles prettily and strikingly marked with red and white is also common. -
I found a log across the creek and determined upon making it our bridge to cross the River.
The 22nd Jun  We moved down to the log about 3 miles NE and carried at first our things over, after that we drove over our horses, mules and cattle, which did not give us much trouble; at last we had to cross our goats and sheep, which required almost all to be plunged in and as we had made no folds they were constantly breaking out and gave us the greatest trouble.  I found that many were weak and lame in con- [consequence]

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