The water of the river became much lower, the banks and the growth much drier, the air became much cooler and the thermometer rarely rose beyond 84, whilst it was usually 89 or 90 at our arrival, fresh cool winds set in at 4 o'clock and stirred the air during the day and the morning after part [?] of night was occasionally very cool and even chilly.
All this, with the prohibition of damper with fat cake contributed to improve the health of all of us, myself rallied the first Perry follows slowly. Turnbull would improve more if he bestirred himself but the strange young man seems to despair so quickly. Hely suffered still a good deal but he improves equally. Brown is better, Wommai with great deal of humbug still eating. Mr Bunce has resisted the attacks of illness much better than I expected. He complained frequently of severe head ache but yet he assisted in the work to be done and rallied soon again. I suppose that the fever of which he suffered 3 weeks ago has made him less liable to another attack. Several of the patients have not at all that spirit, which carries them over distress of the [can't read] or which makes them beat up against it as long as they are able to do it. Turnbull allmost [op cit] cried on one occasion and said in the most plaintiff [op cit] tone, "What would my poor sisters say if they knew, in what state I am." I answered him, that it was very good they did not know it for neither he nor they would have any benefit from it. Perry is also much softer that I wished and expected. Boecking [?] is hardy restless dogged stirring. There is none in my party equal to Hely is  dogged [can't read]. There is none in my party equal to him [can't read], in power of endurance nor in willing to endure. Mr Manu has not been attacked but according to what I saw at Charleys Creek where he had the blight, it would be be one of the most restless [can't read]. Hely is odd in his whims and fancies he is extremely restless and his constant [can't read] at the beginning of the disease, made me leave him altogether to his own wisdom.

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