We travelled the 16th-17th or 18th almost through almost uninterrupted [senes?]. Our camp of hte 15th was scarcely a mile from our old [senes?] camp on a box flat which was at present cutting covered with water. We edged round the low boggy soaked approaches of the creek and travelled [lovably?] fairly on pebbly rises all covered with dense scrub. Great difficulty was experienced where small creeks formed the main creek and in those more open patches, in which the [vitrex?] grew more abundantly with a blackbutted gumtree. Several [times?] the mules loaded with their loads up to their bellies into mud - the goats were knocked up several times and fetches to the camp after a few hours spell. When I came to the large [boossaf?] near the Big waterhole, it came all under water and my although to cross towards the creek was in [vaiss?]. We had to head back and to take a very circuitous route

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