been nobbled with the exception of one. The next day our loads were arranged, the salt and the shot were left behind with 3 packsaddles.
It was constantly fine weather the nights very cold and ice even on the pools near the [?] The idea of returning home has a decidedly favourable influence on the health of my companions - the [indecipherable] in the plain; thus play with the rollers and dry [indecipherable]
.21st of June we started from Cowkilling camp and went to the lagoons. fine weather [?] 19 with mild night.
22nd from the lagoons to the Mackenzie fine weather cold night.
23rd spelling, looking out for 2 mules fine weather, cold, clear night.
24th travel to Blackfellow [?] camp, clouds gather, heavy rain at night.
25. travel to opposite [ indecipherable] camp, clears up in the afternoon.
26 travel to Basalt camp. fine day, very clear cold night.
27 travel at New Year: camp very long heavy stage through the low Casuarina thickets, camp at fine open lagoons. Many flocks of ducks pass at night. Hely fever,  Boecking still diarrhaea.
4th July  Sunday. In the [unknown?] from the 28th to yesterday we travelled along the Cornet River, which was once again dry with its sandy bed but with occasional pools of water, the water
still filtering through the sand. We passed Sandfly Downs where the sandflies had disappeared  are We saw here great number of gins who were as usually very much frightened and beckoned Woomai and Turnbull away when the latter two wished to approach.   Supposing that the Boxtree flat between Sandfly Downs and Expedition scrub could be equally dry as the backwater of the Comet.  I tried to cross over to the Big waterhole But the creek was here still running and the ground so boggy that I had

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