sequence of the dog be [indecipherable]  Whenever his tooth breaks the skin an ulceration takes place which ends with the death of the animal. the Billy goat was lame and this morning we [he?] was nowhere to be found, a common trick of these animals when getting weaky [weak/ sweaty?]
The 23 Jan We travelled down the junction of Palmtree creek and up nearly to Ropers lake where we are comfortably encamped.
We had thunderstorms almost every day, but few with rain; it cleared up in the middle of the night and got slowly cloudy again in the morning the direction was from WNW.
I had to blame B. for his bad attention to the goats. I must say, he has been ailing the whole time that he is with us.
24th Jan. We travelled about 9 miles WNW. I made the lat. of yesterdays camp by an observation of Regulas 25°33'. It was about 1 mile below one camp at Ropers lake which we past [passed?]  without being able to observe any mark left of our former stay. I followed at first
the creek up, left it and past [passed?] over a hilly openly [indecipherable] or scrubby country and came with a [indecipherable] course again on the creek or on its tributaries from the [?]. It is very winding with sheep banks and yet present rather boggy. I avoid these windings & kept to the westward until scrub pushed [indecipherable] to the Northward. There I came on the extensive swamps which I had to go round and which prevented me to reach an old camp of ours We encamped near a small temporary water hole, which form the end of Gilberts Range - I [have?] chestnut horse was seen but it was extremely wild and took immediately to the work. A new species of Paspalum and a new grass are

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