This morning I went down the creek to visit my old camping place, where I stopt 2 years ago. The creek is extremely winding and has in general a SW course. the banks are very open,rotten rises and boggy box [?] tree flats, all extremely well grassed. I recognised the crossing place by a patch of  Bricklow [?] scrub and by an S winding of the creek. My camping place is about 1 mile off at shallow lagoons surrounded by scrub S by E from the crossing place. We are encamped about 5 miles NEast from it up the creek and are exactly in the latitude of Kents [?] Lagoon, which is probably 10 - 11 miles W from here. I met with Hakea Lorea RBr. [?] and Grevillea Mimosorder [?] [RK.?] and with Calostemenae species. Anulema [?] and Comelina are in fine blossom. Thysanotus [?] and Arthrodium [?] also. A small species of Antherduen [?]. Mr Bunce [?] gathered a beautiful specimen of Hypericum [?] pusillium [?]
19th Decbr. During the last five days I have been occupied in hunting for my escaping [?] mules. Several horses and 2 mules were found on some small grassy patches within the scrub: 6 mules and 1 horse are still missing. Last night the natives came and stated that they had seen them. I sent consequently this morning Mr Turnbull, Brown and one of the natives on horseback to find them. It is however very probable, that the natives Mr. Juma [?] and Mr Bell mean those we have allready got. The 17th night we had light showers, lastnight we had a heavy thunderstorm from the SWest. That of the 17th was first from NE, afterwards from the North. the weather has been very cloudy and sultry. The heavy rain has killed a great part of the muskitoes and sandflies, which are not quite so numerous as they were, but even so they would scarcely disgrace the swamps of the Missisippi. A large grey fly troubles the horses very much, but they seem to suffer most

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