<p>19th Octbr</p>
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<p>Tuesday the 20<sup><u>th</u></sup> Octbr. - I left Sydney the 1<u>st</u> Octbr 46 at 10 o clock at night on the Thistle, a Steamer of the Steam Navig. Company.&nbsp;  Several of my companions with 3 mules and all our saddlery went in the Cornubin, on which Mr. Boyd and Robinson had offered me a free passage for my things. - the 2<sup><u>n</u></sup> we arrived at Raymond Terrace but had to wait until night for the Cornubin which had stuck on the flats.&nbsp;  <s>Next m</s> We lodged at Rev. Mr. Spencers and Dr. Cadwell who treated us with great hospitality.&nbsp;  Next morning we proceeded to Mr. Kings at F? to [where?] paddocks the greater part of my horses had been previously sent.&nbsp;  After some difficulties with our mules we went to Mr Caswells and Sunday the 4<sup>th</sup> Octbr to Stroud.&nbsp;  From here I sent Mr. Hely for the goats to Lambs Valley and I myself went to Capt. Kings at Carrington, to settle my business about the mules, to make some experiments with my boiling apparatus and to take leave from that excellent man and his family. I stayed at ?</p>

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