Set of lunar observations made Monday the 11th Jan 1847
     Altitude of the Sun at 9   39.10   117º44'45"
                           Moon   9   42.49     87º6'15"
                            Dist.    9   44.31     76º30'15"
                                        9   46.1       76º30'-
                                         9   47.47     76º 28 45
                             Moon   9    50 -        83º81 -
                                Sun   9    54.13    123º28'45"
                             ______________    _________
     the observations were made with one Sextant, the Fud. Error of which was +37". the longitude derived from          these observations was 151º30'

13th Jan. A day before yesterday I examined with Wommai my former scrub passage and found on returning that in keeping N by W. or NNW I could avoid the scrub alltogether and travel in an open country. These three days I have waited for Turnbull and Hely; tomorrow I shall travel on again, uncapable to account for their strange delay. - This camp is not farther than 70 miles from Jago and one could come from there in 3 days on horseback without distressing their animals. -
In passing through the scrub Wommai pointed a native grave out to me it was oval and of the length of a man, a gentle [indecipherable] but old and with some straggling weeds; It was on the other side of the scrub that I observed  the only grave during my Expedition
Last night was very cloudy with a cool NEast wind. It is cloudy this morning

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