we came as far as white kangaroo camp where we had a rainy night. The 9th we left Zamia creek and came to the head of Ruined Castle Creek, where our dogs drove a kangaroo into a waterhole; we got it out,  Wommai wading into the water and hooking it out. the 10th we followed Ruined Castle Creek down , Brown recognized the rocky slope, down which I entered Ruined Castle Creek from Rocky Seat camp, we past this camp and made Ant camp, where we camped. the 11th we past the Robinson Rge and keeping a SEasterly and SS Easterly course we came to Arcadia camp. the 12th we past through the rocky country of the Robinson, the 13th to near Murphy's Lake the 14th to the Lawson. We found Hodgson's horse at the upper part of Erythrina creek. the 15th-16th-17th 18th we travelled up the Dawson, and came to Dried Beef Creek. the 18th we came on Campbells tracks and went up his creek,  mistaking it for the Dawson, the next day I turned to the Southward to make the Dawson again , which I did at 3 [?] camp. the 18th our dogs killed a large kangaroo, but one of them (Swift) died in consequence of the wound he received. the 19th we travelled to Dogwood creek; but Mr Perry was lost and impelled us to stop the 20th I returned for him with Wommai and found him coming along our tracks. the 21st we kept a little too much to the Eastward and came to the heads of Charleys Creek the 22nd we followed down the creek , found gog's track crossed the creek along old crossing place and came to the Condamine. During the night we heard the barking of dogs, which apprized us of the neighbourhood of a station. Next morning 2 horses were wanting (probably in consequence of an understanding between Wommai and Turnbull). Turnbull went without my permission across the river in the direction, in which he had heard the dogs and came to Mr. Blithe and Chevals camp. These gentlemen very kindly provided us with flour meal

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