The sun was setting and we had not yet come to water:it appeared our bullock
had travelled before us for, search of it, Wommai was after them and I fired
several times to apprize him of our following him. At last I saw a flock of Kockatotoes [?] returning from the plain to their roosting place. I followed 
them, heard soon where they were at home and came to the creek with a fine
This morning Brown and Mann came in . They had followed us about 2 hours afterwards, but had overshot our tracks in the dark and had camped  at a little waterhole full of little small grisks about 1 mile higher up the creek
Wommai is not yet arrived; but the cattle has crossed the creek about half a
mile higher up without following it for water.
Thus we travell, slowly, in fits and starts, miserably with constant accident
and losses -- But God will help me through all this, for he has been allways
ready to my prayer, and has been merciful in the case of need.
The weather has been very fine since the first quarter, occasionally cloudy
 regularly cumuli during the day and refreshing breezes from various
quarters particularly from the East, the nights very cold occasionally,
which forces us from the murketoes  -- the country  most beautiful,
well grassed and well watered.
9th Mai Tuesday. after  Wommai came in early in the morning right hungry and
tired, having left the cattle about 4 miles this side of our killing camp. The cattle
had been for the Northward, much further than we were and he had driven
it back not knowing of our advance in the same direction. After some
difficulties two missing horses were found and as we had tied up all the
mules the day before, we loaded and started about 11 oclock. I sent Haly
and Brown back glad to have Wommai with me to attend to horse and mules


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