[indecipherable] that he would not be able to go with me. The dray came at the 19th and we started Friday 20th Novbr.  Our arranging the packs and loading took us a long time and we could not start before one oclock [o'clock]. The mules went well for about 1½ miles when as past the creek; they tried to run down as usually, the loads got deranged and several upset. As we were reloading them, others lay down and thus we were kept for several hours. Having started again, everything went on smoothly enough, but we had still once more to arrange loads, which retarded our progress and made it very late before we came to Mr Andrews. One heavy thunderstorm overcame us about 6 miles from Hughs' and as night approached rain set in again. The night being very dark and none of us knowing well the locality we found it difficult to turn our mules into the backyard and 4 mules with 2 horses escaped our notice. Next morning we went in search of them and found them all. 3 had thrown their loads and one had kept it on the whole night. - We brought them to the station where Mr H Rafael [?] had arrived meanwhile. He promised to lend us a hand in going over the plain to Crosses,  and proposed even to start immediately. fortunately however on the advice of Mr Cameron we desisted for the most heavy rain set in at night and continued Sunday and Monday and [indecipherable] looks as if it was still to continue for some days. The wind is strong from the Eastward. Rafael [?] said he had observed that swifts generally appeared before rain. the creek is running and so is probably the Condamine. Though the rain is inconvenient for the moment it will be of greatest advantage afterwards.

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