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hours after their escape. (can't read)  is about 18 miles from here and (can't read)  and (can't read). had to pass through two thick and very extensive scrubs.
Turnbull saw one of those large brown snakes which we observed in the (can't read) and which seem peculiar to these scrubs.
It was cloudy yesterday morning after sheet lightning to the westward the night before and we had a light shower of rain during the day. six cattle were lost for the chance of which (can't read) received 4 two year old steers from Mr Stephens.
Notwithstanding all the dry weather the ground is still extremely soft on the flat along the creek. There is a great extend of fine available country along this creek ; but cattle and horses will seek refuge in these (can't read) scrubs in weather like this. tormented as they were by numbers of blow flies and large horseflies.
A fine (can't read) inform of a small tree is growing in the scrub and at present covered with yellow (can't read). A species of capporis - the new (can't read) tree, the dead wood makes a passage extremely difficult and circuitous and deep holes partly filled with temporary water exist in every direction but no  decided watercourse whatsoever. This scrub exists generally on dead levels its lower vegetation is principally (can't read) of (can't read) plants.the (can't read) bird and  (can't read) have the most caracteristic note in this part of the country. the former must be nearly allied to that of (can't read) land.

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