all the numerous creeks of this country are all westwd. They are generally rocky, the rock changing from claystone into [indecipherable] and coarse Sandstone. The heads are formed by chains of ponds and shallow sodgy waterholes, frequently stretching along [indecipherable]. Wherever rock crops out, the Cypress pine makes its appearance, particularly along the rocky parts of the creeks where watercourses have laid open the rock. The Cypesspine grows never to a large size; it is rarely 1 foot in diameter. The Ironbark is the prevailing [indecipherable], though not particularly good for splitting. the Red is good for its bark; the rusty gum is allied to the bloodwood and probably useful if free from gum veins. The pasturage is exquisite, particularly along the creeks and in the open Ironbark forest and the Boxflats. [indecipherable] grows however abundantly among the various grasses and so does the "rusty" grass and the "gold oats" two grasses of which the cattle are not particularly fond. The silk Acacia and the [indecipherable] are very frequent. We found yesterday a new Coranthus on the forest oak; it has cerate or slightly flattened leaves which are as well as the blossoms downy.
Our cattle mules and horses do exceedingly well; but some of the mules suffer of sore backs. The blight seems to leave us, but my eyes feel generally extremely stiff during my watch and in the morning; it is as if they were grating on their hinges and wanted oiling..
The little bird which charmed us with its worbling though monotonous note is a flycatcher metallic black and white with grey on the tail. (Megomela?)

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