of Xeranthemum with glanbrous stickey scant  aromatic leaves covered with glands, Notalaen [?] and probably another species or genus of [indecipherable] with elongated slightly pink coloured berries -
I have forgotten to mention, that Mr Bunce brought two nearly allied rubraceous trees from the rocky hill near our camp. the one has a red fruit not yet entirely ripe with a strong adstringent [astringent] taste and no doubt good to eat when ripe. the fruit was to two to three [indecipherable] the axil with separate fruit stalks, the other had axillary racemes. We had rain during the whole night almost not slight but continuing without thunder. it is still very cloudy. the country is most beautifully grassed and the supply of water by far greater than 2 years ago. Five apple trees along the creek the Dogwood grows abundantly here, I have best observed the disagreeable small when it is burnt, of which people speak in other parts of the colony -
The white horse refused to go any further yesterday and I shall have probably to stay here for to day to give it some rest.
We saw a fine 'large Wallaroo and a light grey kangaroo spotted, as Brown said few parrots make their appearance as home of the Eucalyptus is in blossom, some flights of [indecipherable] Rosellas were observed.
Dr Dawson and Palmtree Creek.
Dr Dawson,   [indecipherable]  branch of the
Dawson which we touched first and along which we came down, is probably not the main branch; for it was without water, whilst the river was flooded lower down, and I suppose that the flood came down a more Westerly or SWesterly longer channel.We have  there are four descriptions of country on that part of the river, we have seen : 1  the undulating country at its highest part with narrow leaved Fronbark and patches of Cypress pine and with a frequently puffy soil. 2. the extensive

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