heart in the left side, or across the back in the region of the kidneys. I bathed morning and night even during the illness and felt allways [always] great relief, but a short cough came on and I had to give it up; but washing the head was continued with advantage. The burning heat was felt most in the ankle joints and in the thighs and arms. Quick rising produced giddiness and the attack, great weakness. As if all should combine to make this disaster heavier, not a breath of wind was stirring during the whole week 5 - 12th March. And this morning we enjoyed first a strong cool wind from NNW. We are approaching the Equator and we should have more of these.awe the 7th {?} at night it got very cloudy a thunderstorm veering round our camp from NE - N -NW - W and flat leaving the heaven with a slight cover of clouds which gave a little drizzling rain. I expect that the time of rain is gone. If I had kept the left side of Cornet River, we should have had no delay, as the Mackenzie is not running at all and its fine pools of water full of fish and preferably clear.
I have still to mention the fate of our little calf: the
mother seemed to take kindly to it, but then was
some cause, which prevented from sucking and the poor thing died of malnutrion. One of our goats kidded But the kidd after having lived 2 - 3 days was trambled [trampled?] to death by mules and cattle which like to walk in between the goats and sheep we obtained a little milk from the mother, which only showed what excellent thing it would be to have a good supply of it.
the 20th March. The disease has attacked all with the exception of Mann, who was however, not without some of its symptoms and  as headache and quick pulse. [indecipherable] it showed the character of fever and again very strong the [indecipherable] fit came on very suddenly and though dayly [daily] afford it soon showed a certain character. He had no attack since several days.

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