28 Decbr. I have forgotten to mention that Spring killed the common Opossum, that Wommai shot the flying squirrel and that several Iguanas frequent the neighbour hood of our camp. On a small branch of one of the gumtrees near the creek a Rhipidura [?] {Shepherd's Companion} has built its round little nest of mud, exposed to every enemi and yet sitting on it with the sans souci of an [can't read] little philosopher. - Manu suffers very much of Blight in both eyes and of inflamed Muskitoe bites on his legs. He is very impatient and we all curse and damn the flies, which surround us in thick swarms, crowd towards our eyes, into which they probably carry infection [can't read] I cover our soup and meat though we are swallowing it with the greatest haste to get it clean into our inside. At night when I am called to watch my eyes are extremely dim and a thick halo is seen around every light and fire. I feel helpless particularly opposite to a herd of young cattle which would be startled by the slightest uncommon noise and rush away from the camp. Bye and bye, particularly in sitting in the smoke to get rid of the muskitoes, the eyes become clearer and the drowsiness disappears. I cannot help smiling in comparing myself sitting at night on a sheepskin in watching my cattle with my friend Lynd who rolls comfortably from side to side in his soft bed. He will often call me "poor fellow" yet I should not exchange my place with that of a king particularly if I had those cursed 5 mules back again. The stay in the camp waiting for Hely, the consequences of muskitoes sandflies flies, the loss of the mules makes one frequently  however inpatient.

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