to much fat and perhaps in Perrys [Perry's] case by bathing in the noonday sun immediately after having unloaded the mules and eating to hearty meal afterwards. All this would not have been the case here: after Perrys [Perry's] attack I ordered immediately only two meals; morning and night, and a cake luncheon { a piece of cake scarcely as large as a woman's hand}, and yet it was after this alteration that we commenced to suffer. I suspected our flour, our tea, & left it off successfully as the attacks came on, but it made not the slightest change. the tea no doubt excited us too much and it was advisable to drink very little. It took soon the constant character of dayly [daily] fever forming its attacks ver in various times and with various intensities. I suffer under it during the afternoon and the feeling of heat is most intolerable during sunset. Sometimes there is no rest during the whole night, sometimes particularly if perspiration comes on I feel relieved and enjoy a good sleep. I treated my fs
several of my patients with a dose if [indecipherable] emetic, and with strong opening pills {Calom & Cololynth} they felt relieved for the time but the illness came on again. my principle
treatment that of diet and starvation, allowing them tapioca gruel and gelatine particularly when I suspected our flour and tea. I have however come to see this necessity of eating as little as possible and though do not get better they carry on tolerably and will recover as soon as we are able to leave this car retched place. I made powders of 2 gr. Calom 2 [indecipherable] which acted well, but did not cure. Last night I took a strong dose of [indecipherable] and I existcomplete  that. I ascribe the good night's rest and the feeling of greater strength to day to this medicine. Besides the headache across the forehead entering [?] with the orbits, the feeling of heat and that of shivering just before the attack, the dry skin, there was a thickly furred tongue, feeling of great weakness in the stomach and urine of the colour of a guinea, pains were generally felt under the

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