We made Perry understand where the camp was and heard soon his cooee. But when we rode up to him, as he came on with the cattle, the latter got frightened and bolted, and it was only by Wommais quickness that their heads were again turned to the camp. Thus accidents are allways [op cit] on our heals [op cit] and frequently; when I felt most glad and proud in my heart, seeing fine stock and a fine party of young men round me I was severely admonished by the running away of my cattle, by some getting lame or gored [can't read] on what narrow edge my good fortune is balanced.
We have got all our horses and mules with the exception of five, which I consider as lost; and which I shall take as a special present of providence if they should be brought back to me. The present time is most excellent for breaking in the cattle and mules and for schooling my people, who however behave all  most admirably. I have made my arrangements to move all our things with the mules and some horses we have, should those five not return.
Bokkara creek runs very rapidly. Yesterday morning we crossed with low water and when we returned we had to swim over, Mr Mann with a hat full of Duck eggs in his hand.
I am sorry that I have to kill female goats which suffer so much of footrot, that we cannot hope of getting them well again.
There is generally a cool night breeze from 10 - 12 oclock from the NEast.
Oreoica is still heard from morning to night; and in the scrub I heard a bird very similar to the whistler of  Arnhem land.

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