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still increased the prod rapid growth of vegetation . Tuesday Wednesd[sic] I arrived at Gloucester, the cattle station of the company . Mr. Turnbull expressed his a great desire of going on my Expedition I said I should like to avail myself of his services. In the case he could he could obtain leave from Capt. King I should leave Mr. Meyer behind. Wednesday Thursday Mr King arrived we [....] and thursday friday I continued my journey., to a station about 9 miles from Gloucester: {Stapelton}  friday  Saturday to Ashalls; Saturday Sunday to [...] stat. when we met the company's flocks camping [....] to shearing, Sun Monday [...] Monday and Tuesday to the foot of the dividing range.- Here Mr. Roper met me again going up to New England. What his motives are I know not; but he was  seemed desirous of mak  leaving me on good terms and to banish all angry feeling .   
 22d Octbr. Thursday. Yesterday I travelled with the goats up hungry hill to the last head station of the Company , at  of which Mr. Lowry is in charge. One goat had broken the thighbone another was lame and unfit for travelling; a lame billy goat was knocked up before arriving at the end of the stage .- the gradient of hungry hill is ackording [according] to Mr. King's measurement 18o  the rock is a flinty conglomerate. the red anthills show a loamy soil . the fern tree is rare and not higher than 8-10 feet the height of hungry hill above the level of the sea is about 2600 feet. This elevation was obtained by the Boiling Water Apparatus at Lowries. The latter is [indecipherable] and much lower than hungry hill
& the air was remarkably brazing [bracing], the thermoter [thermometer] in the morning 59º - Today I went over with the mules to Mr Mac[ indecipherable]

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