[indecipherable] managed allways generally to procure for me one of these birds, at least for morning and evening. Several times he gave man a bird. the great share of damper in this trans tedious manner of living where little more but sleeping is done, does not agree with [indecipherable] and Perry Bunce and Turnbull have suffered severely of cramp in the stomach and in the intestines. of course none of them would ask for less flour. The soup which is thickened with lumpy flour is [indecipherable] as I do not eat any and the other 3 people are absent.  Those in the camp have consequently a greater share and several of these know no measure, they got violent diarrhaea [diarhaea]  and as they continue their manner of eating it hangs long and heavy on them. Turnbull however, gave it up immediately as I spoke against it; but Bunce [indecipherable] he suffered the least, when his stomach was full; I left him of course to his fate; because I never press medicine or advice on any of them. The days are most beautiful the breezes continue almost the whole day and are very refreshing.
The 13th Mar. Yesterday the thermon was 42º at sunrise 75 at noon 84º in the afternoon. The day before 86º in the afternoon which is the hottest part of the day, as it is generally calm. Easterly strong breezes before and towards noon very cold. The night appears extremely cold to us and I wear constantly my cotton, my flannel shirt and my coat and as I am sorely plagued with diarrhaea [diarhaea], which compells [compels] me to get up frequently during the night, I sleep regularly in my clothing. Mr Mann is gone to collect Greivia berries & they are unfortunately not so frequent, as I wished.
My [indecipherable] 22º 35' 27 by an observation of Regulus last night. Mann and Boecking are again.
the 14th Mar. therm. at sunrise 44º, an hour afterwards 60º, misty calm - when I arrived  at Peak Downs to our present camp I promised to my party that I would give a sugar pudding if the cattle and every thing arrived safely. When however Hely and Brown came without cattle, when they told me a horse was lost, when we lost more than a week allready [already], feeding
upon our provisions, I told them he should tell them, that we should have no pudding particularly as the killing of the bullock is so near, and as two of our festivals, Whitsunday

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