our whole expedition depends. None of the 3 were very strong and if any thing should have happened there is none in the party who could go after them and relief [relieve] them in their distress. They would be lost people.  It is possible that the cattle have wandered very far and divided into mobs, which would increase their labour. Unfortunately their provisions are very short and if the 2 dogs procure no game, I am at loss to know what they are going to do. I hope only that at least a messenger will return so that I know what steps I have to take. Our meal provisions are gone and we have to live again on our flour at the rate of 6 lb a day.  Boecking and Mann have still occasional attacks of fever.  Bunce complains of chilliness Turnbull and myself suffer of diarrhoea and so docs Bunce and Perry an attack of fever yesterday. What a dreadful a situation and when will it end?
22nd Mar. My anxiety was relieved on the Monday the 17th when Hely, Brown and Wommai returned with 9 head of cattle. They had suffered a good deal of shortness of provisions and were extremely exhausted. They gave a very bad account of the state in which the cattle were. It had divided into 4 perhaps more mobs, of which they had seen 3  - one so wild that they were not able to keep them. Fortunately they had succeeded in
shooting getting an extremely fat Emu and a kangaroo with some pigeons, which had enabled them to stay out so long. There is no doubt that blackfellows had frightened the cattle and had been the cause of their separation.  I examined Brown were [where?] he found the cattle and he said it was near the Honey camp of our
former Expedition. I wished to be as near to their probable stay as possible and intended to go down to Cowkilling Camp with the whole train. Brown went out Tuesday morning the 18th to fetch the mules, but not accustomed to their run he remained and so long that I was afraid of loosing a day. I resolved consequently upon [indecipherable] here immediately and did so in the
afternoon. Wednesday the 19th we cut our meat up and Brown and Hely started late on their new attempt to find the other cattle. Wommai had been out the whole forenoon after their horses, but had become tired, lay down and slept probably the greater part of the time[?]  I was

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