and determined our elevation to be 1462 feet.

the thermometer was 78°f the time 6 ocl. PM.

A: 211.25
B. 210.75
    209.40                      1534

I followed the growth water course down to its junction with the Dawson which is here well supplied with water. Heavy cumuli past during the afternoon and some few drops of rain fell. After sunset the sky got cloudy and rain set in which continued with interruptions during the night. the morning and noon, At about 1 pm. it cleared up and we have at present a sunny dry day with a few cumuli moving to the westward. the clouds
last night came from the SW - the rain was not heavy enough to prevent our starting. With a NW
by West and NNW course we past over a fine open undulating country until we arrived into the broad flat of valley Dawson. Scrub and {clusters} of Cypress pine made again their appearance the
upper Dawson is one the finest countries I have seen and it is a pity that it is of so small extend [extent?]. It would be large enough for 2 settlers but scarcely for more.  the open [indecipherable]
are particularly beautiful yesterday. Perry of saw a very large remarkable Mantis in a silver leaved d Acacia: several grasshoppers are singularly marked - I had to blame Bekking for idleness. I am afraid the young man misunderstood

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