6th Jan My latitude of last nights camp was according to an observation of Betelguese at 40 part 10 - Tud. Err.+37 - 25º35'24" (Alt. 55º59'11" Decl. 5º26') - 7 miles North of Bokkara camp. - Part of our horses and mules had returned to the latter camp and we had to wait until 9 ocl. when Wommac returned with them. ¼ past 10 we had were resdy to start, though we are short of hands. We kept more to the Northward, but were notwithstanding pulled up by the large Bricklow scrub, which compelled us equally to go to the Northward. We past through an opening of the scrub, though over a fine Ironbark forest 2 miles, an Ironbark and Acacia  and Dodonaea thicket, a rotten Ironbark slope, Casuarina thickets and came to the Thorncometer lagoons, only a little more to the Westward. - We travelled 6 hours and about 15 miles good. - It was extremely hot. The large black and grey horseflies are the same, at least the latter, which we observed at approaching Pt. Essington at the same season. I thought these at the time peculiar to that country. The little Severntree in blossom, Aneclenia in fruit, [indecipherable] which approaches the form of the phyllod. of A. equisetofolia and another with beautiful downy silky phyllod. which one might call A. argenica. Some few Cumuli during the day.
9th Jan. We travelled the 7th Jan. about 12 miles NW by N to the chain of lagoons ponds, on which we had camped on my former Exped., we crossed it about 2 miles higher up. The large scrub, probably a continuation of [indecipherable] forced us into our old track, but a passage through a break and kept consequently more to the Westward. Though We avoided by this a good deal of the Ironbark thicket, which we had to pass farther to the Eastward. The lagoon on which we camped was grassy and Shallow; it seemed the first of the line; scarcely a quarter of a mile, the channel of the creek became distinct and the ponds larger and deeper. The muskitoes were extremely troublesome. The 8th we travelled about 9 miles NNW to Dogwood or Cudsora creek, which we crossed, though the bed was rather boggy. - Acacia creek, which Mr Franks had not found, as he had probably crossed Dogwood cr. below the junction

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