Box and flooded gum flats an its upper and middle part. 3. the fine Box slopes on the middle port, which are hemmed in with Bruklowscrub and are frequently connected with the fine picturesque grassy scrub pla downs; both which form the 4th description of country; both have the greatest variety of grasses and the finest pasture.  The Bottle tree ridges belong to the same class: 5. the silverleaved Ironbark ridges, well grassed and sound, but with less variety of grass - I may mention as a 5th the flat approaches of the River covered with Box saplings, which form rather a peculiar character of the lowest part of the Dawson we have seen.  The upper part of the river will be deficient in water: the middle part has plenty of fine lagoons at the foot of the ridges; at the lower part the squatter would perhaps have to go to the River to form his headstation; but here the belts of scrub which separate the River from the open Downs is rarely very broad - Palmtree Creek made not such a good impression on me this time as two year ago: then I kept more to the creek and saw less of the scrub: but nt withstanding the scrub there is a great extent of fine country. Some
Some parts of the higher Robinson are very fine: but the country is too mountainous.  The valleys of the Boyd are beautiful and we rarely saw so much fine country as latrarea ant camps and the Eastern creeks. - 
2 Feb. afternoon. Observation on the elevation at 5 oclock in the afternoon 
thermom. 82
A. 210.75
B. 210.25

  208 - 2049
  209 - 1534
100:9= 515



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