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[.....] Monday the 8th Octbr when I returned to Stroud in company of Captn King and Mr. Baydel of the Pateson. Mr. Hely returned from with the goats on Saturday night and all being prepared we left Stroud the Monday Tuesday following on the 13th Octbr.  .  Our goats were in wretched condition, many very old and all extremely poor. the weakest soon dropt [dropped] behind and we had to leave about [...] of the 290 . we got from Mr. Wentworth  . In Gloucester we received however some additional billy goats which increased the number to 288 of which a few days afterwards two were lost by crossing the river. The mules I purchased from the company at about 13 pounds a head {15 pounds each with 10 ps. discount} were in most admirably condition, 3 old [indecipherable] the others bred by the company . they were rather two lively and one kicked me so severely on my right arm that I was disabled to attend to them for several days and I have not yet entirely recovered from the injury  - I bought 12 from the company, 2 were given to me as a present from Mr. H. Macarthur and one I bought from Capt Mayne of Toongabie. Mr Dawson had assisted me in buying 12 horses,  strong and rough and quiet and at the rate of 9 pounds a head. They will suit me admirably.
In consequence of the poor condition of the goats I travelled in short stages up the grant of the company towards New England. Previous years had produced the most excellent pasture and continuous [flowers] even during the 3 first days of my travelling Kept this p

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