along a running water course. We could not walk with our shoes, but had to go barefoot and it was with the greatest difficulty that we were able to keep our bullocks during the night, an ???ting continually round them. I determined to follow the water course down, finding that there was much easier travelling along it.
14th febr. We had travelled yesterday about 7 miles NW. Our goats knocked up a mile from the camp. Turnbull fetched them up towards night. Today, in following the water course we travelled about 5-7 miles WNW. We past whinstone hills and a little sugarloaf and saw the  [undecipherable] ranges (?) to the westward. I hoped to come to a large creek but have not yet succeeded. We camped however on firm ground and more comfortable than yesterday; the ground was with some exceptions not so heavy as yesterday; the water runs off very quickly. The night was without rain and I hope to have some few days of fair weather, though loose watery cumuli hang everywhere in the atmosphere. Swift caught a fine Wallobi with two lateral white stripes over the shoulder in the scrub. Wommai and Bunce who had knocked up yesterday have slightly recovered with the treatment of Quinine which I intend to continue for one or two days — they are not able to assist us.
Portulacca is very abundant and sheep goats and cattle like to feed on it, but none of my companions cares for it: & fear the fine mutton will spoil them for the dried beef fare.
15th febr. 3rd scrub camp  About 3 pm  Therm 88f

A. 112.0-        
B. 111.50        
       1.35 1021 1021 944 1047.84
     110.15   509    77 x110  
  15-512   944    944  


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