of sandflies and crowd around the fires, we make for them to get rid of their tormentors. We have today a cool breeze from NEast with loose heavy cumuli. Charley's creek has fallen very much and we have found several good crossing places. Brown shot yesterday a Whistling duck {Leptotapus Eystoni [?]} though I am not sure wether it is not different from that to the northward. the black duck and teal are frequently on the large and numerous lagoons on the other side of the creek. - This creek is allmost in its whole extent as far as I have seen it reedy. - Today when taking out our cattle I made a catalogue of the plants I met and here it is: Near the creek the  watergum, {Mauborri, Yarra} the apple tree and Moreton Bay Ash - no oak. In the  Flats the box, the watergum, Moreton's [?] ash, : on the ridges the latter and appletrees. These grow here in a loose rotten soil: Sida [?] with long pendiculate solitary small yellow flowers, subcordate blunt dentate leaves: Galium, Ruellia, small headed clustered Gnaphalum, [?] Myopomun [?] prostratum, Glycine [?], a composite of the form of anthemis but very different seeds, fembristilis, [?]   Cyprus, Verbena, the composite Burr. Anthisteria, Danthonia, Eriocuulon [?], Wollgrass, Sandgrass, festuca, the [indecipherable] grass, Milium? Fushcia, Thysanotus, Campanula, the yellow Bean {the red one common among the high grass near the creek}, a leguminous plant of the habit of  Swansonia [?], compound leaf, impparfonnato [?] 5 [indecipherable], long axillary peduncules 3 - 5 pendant flowers, calyx quenque dentate, teeth allmost equal, vexillum large expanded marked in the middle, equal to the carina [?], alae [?] half - 3/4 of the length of the latter. the prostrate rubiac cous [?] plant of the Hunter, [indecipherable], a blue glycine [?] with lernate [?] leaves long linear leaflets, another with oval lanceolate downy [?] leaflets small headed composite with scorous [?] bracts forming the inooluernum [?], another species with larger heads and broader leaves. Small ground cafsia [?], indecipherable composite

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