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of the heat which was 98 f is the shade ; I suffered of diarrhoea, but a meal of palmtreeshoots made me the better of it, not only stopping the dystemper but giving me a fine healthy appetite, which is well satisfied with perhaps the freshest firmest mutton, that ever was selected for the table of an Alderman. The constant change of fresh grass renders the meat endoubtedly extremely savoury and sweet. the 9th febr. as my mules were very tired and the ground still heavier in consequence of last nights rain I went out early to the foot of the range between 3-4 miles passing our old camps for about 2 miles. The creek is running as well as [Enper?] creek were we looked for water in vain 2 years ago.
  Some days ago Brown caught a fine lizard belonging to Lacerta? about 1¼ foot long and all over with ocellate spots. Turnbull found a small pretty lizzard belonging to the Geckonsclae today amongst the stones, and under which in great number of Scorpions live, one of which was covered with young ones. I found a very pretty yellow leguminous plant with rough pod and Burne a fine small species of Polygala. Turnbull gathered the a not yet opened thyrsus of Hakea lorea.-
Observation on the elevation at ½ past 5 oclock PM 88ºf therm
A. 212.25
B. 211.75

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