about 5 - 6 I set off with Wommai to fetch the cattle over. They had divided into two mobs: one had gone down the river, the other W. and the latter gave us a very fatiguing search. However in the after noon we united the two mobs and made them cross the river without difficulties, having succeeded with narrow means [?] and the assistance of providence to finish a most  tiring work, when one had to be afraid to drop down every moment under [?] the increasing fatigue and weakness of the limbs.
I made my lat. with Rugulars [?] 23o -33' It is extremely hot during the greater part of the day but refreshing breezes are blowing late in the afternoon from the Northward. I have stopt today because it was Sunday and I hope I shall be allowed to start tomorrow morning.
the 5th April It was not worthwhile to record for every day since the last week the distressing monotony of our life.  We are allmost all ill, the one suffering under constant attacks of fever, myself of violent pulsations in the head?? [can't read] which come on with the slightest movement. We are encamped on the high bank of the river and the going down and up alone fatigues me so much that I have to rest for a quarter of an hour before my heart beats are a little more quiet; fetching a bucket of water knocks me up for a long hour. Good Friday was the first day of our feasting and though I was very much afraid to make a trial with any flour in the state in which we were I was much importuned particularly by Hely, [?] that I examined the bag which I thought best and found it according to my expectations good. Suet dumplings were made and heartily enjoyed by all in the cool of the

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