became so familia, with him and conversed probably so freely and frequently insparagingly with him on several of his companions, that the lad commenced to think himself a very important part of the community, refused to work except what I bade him to do and became impertinent to Mr Burns, Haly, to Bucking and first of all to Mr. Turnbull. The latter had frequently smoked with him out of the same pipe and I blamed him for so: now he sees his mistake and is very sorry, but I have the annoysome of bringing the fellow back to his senses. The worst is that he appears really slightly ailing ever since his governess induced him to swallow the Zamia fruit and it is consequently very difficult to know where to be most severe with him I am however determined to put any sauciness down,  and have told all the others that whenever he shows it they shall immediately come and complain.
  More than two weeks have elapsed in illness and dullness and yet the since has gone without one perceiving it. the breez prevailing breezes render the day agreeable the clear sky cools the atmosphere in the latter part of night but the mosquitoes are still in dreadful plague and the first part of night is feared by all.
  A great  number of shepherd's companions and  grallesia australis have col-lected arround us and entertain us with their familiar habits. The goats with their kidds remain the whole day in camp and feed during the night. but they commence to scatter alarmingly. A large Diamond snake was seen not six feet from us and will no doubt try bye and bye one of our kidds.
A [lyphloper?] was  found in Bruce's blanket , a gecko in my tent.
I forgot to mention that a shrubby or halfshrubby Rhagioria? with 
scarlet new fruit ( like a minute tomato ) is in full bearing and that I ate quantities of it ; it leaves a scraping sensation in the throat and seems to bind the bowels: the Sanlolun fruit  is very rare.

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