The climate is most delightfull [delightful] and one asks involuntarily how is it possible that any body could be ill here. But the simple reason is that these people after a long attack of fever make not the slightest exertions after hearty meals, for a good appetite they have all, but lay down on their backs for the whole day if nothing particular is to be done, or if they walk about, it is just from their couch to the fire place,loitringly [?] with energy, as if all their joins [joints] were untied and their [indecipherable] dangling about them. Wommai brought the cattle back in the afternoon of the 22nd. He was prepared to stop out, but I had prudently communicated to him that we should have a fine suet pudding on Friday, which quickened wonderfully his tracking powers. Towards evening, it became cloudy and for fear that rain might set in we had been busy in collecting our meat on tarpawlings [tarpaulins?] and in [aportioning?] it according to its dryness and in cutting it up in small pieces which not only [indecipherable] in the perfect drying sat in the clove packing in bags. The wind blew strong from the Southward and the sky was uniformly [?] cloudy. At about half past 8 it began to rain not heavy, but continuously until 10 oclock, with some few slight showers until about 1 oclock.  On the morn When my watch was for over I went to the camp to call Perry to his watch. He was slow in getting up and as he was riding towards the cattle he had to follow a call of nature suffering at the time very much of diarrhoea: the consequence was that the cattle walked out. Perry tried to find them and rode in different directions, until he got confused and lost; He rode about several hours, until he gave
prudently the bridle to his horse, which brought him home sure enough. it was strange that Perry was equally lost at the eve of Christmas and of Whitsunday {two pudding days}. Whitsunday morning the 23rd Wommai got sick after eating salt meat of our salted round; for  Broeking had made us experiment corning a round of beef, but he made it too salt. Woomai could consequently not go after the bullocks.  In the afternoon we had our Suet Pudding of 5 pounds of flour which was most

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