We camp between the river and a large, probably shallow lagoon, on which [Wommai?]
has just now shot a duck, 2 goats ... ...running into the river ... cropping it.
25th Feb.  After sunset it became very cloudy and it was occasionally drizzling almost
during the whole night. SS Easterly ;breezes.  Today it was equally cloudy and equally drizzling
showers with the same wind.  We went to the northward and for a short time to the NW
which brought us again to the river just opposite [Basachcamp?] camp.  Here we saw about
6 or 7  blackfellows and gins who betook themselves to their heels.  I had not come
so far to the Northward yesterday as I expected.  We came frequently on sandy
scrubby ridges, with the peculiar dense underwood occasionally opening with
silver leaved Ironbark with acacia of James creek Jutzia? the narrow pinnate [Capia?]
this sent?  srr??  small grassy plains on which several sidas? Hibiscus of
Li ... plpl and the new Malvaccon .... .... in full blossom  Donthorien? was a
prevailing grass? the Bricklowsend?? was open and the travelling easy of gol?.
dense with Banksia? bushes near the river the acaciaacecta?/Sapeiercous{?} tree with bright
green leaf ...rather an open scrub ... abundant on all the ...
the other spec. of Senpoketes? abundent in the scrub
parts of the scrub particularly in the openings.  We past some magnificent lagoons
some of which appeared to be constant.  On one of these lagoons I said? for 
the first time ... which I saw formerly ... on Browns lagoons, the larger
... ... was .. a great ornament of the dreary scrub,; it grew in small patches - the Vonga Vonga pigeon was heard frequently this
morning in the Bottle tree scrub, one of the Bottle trees was a very fine specimen
of its kind.  Turnbull found again? several interesting mantifloes?? a Wallabi was skinned.

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