To Brackers at the 5th Novbr. I set out immediately to ascertain where Mr Manu was with our luggage and where I should be able to procure the cattle I intended to take with me on my journee. the 6th Novbr. I went over to Mr Fairholm a kind old friend and fellow traveller with whom I had explored the creek at Darling Downs for fossil bones. The 7th I rode over to Colin Campbell.The 8th to  Mr Hodgson to stop my luggage at his station, should Mr Manu not yet have past it. Every where I was kindly received and promises were given to increase my stock by an additional number of sheep or Cattle. Fairholm promised 2. Leslie 4 bullocks. Marsh 12 Bracker 25 - Colin Campbell 12 sheep. - I suffered very much of diarrhoea after staying a day at Brackers which became extremely painful at Brackers, but ceased at Hodgsons. I remark this as I had been miserably attacked by the same desease on Darling Downs and as my whole party suffered like myself at Brackers. When I returned there, 11th Novbr Mr Burnie had arrived with the goats, which was the more satisfactory as the beasts had even  improved not withstanding the heavy travelling. I left Brackers at 18th Novbr with my whole party, leaving Mr Meyer behind me, not only because he was a married man whose whole mind was not with me but because he was remarkable unhandy and awkward and more greedy than I liked a man for such an expedition to be.

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