With teeth of bidens, with leafs [leaves] scenting when rubbed like parsley.  Lotus Oxalis a species of Hedysareae? Another leguminous half prostrate plant with fascules of small scarlet flowers. Swainsona grows on the flats. Commelina, Euphorbia, small plant spreading on the ground. Brunonia and a species of Phyllanthus and a yellow Pigea even brought by Bunce; Calectasia adorns with its fine blue blossoms the ridges. The yellow and blue colour is in all these plants prevailing. some are pink [indecipherable]. On the other side of the scrub we saw the tuberculated sleeping lizzard [lizard]. Our sheep and particularly the goats suffer of footrot, which advances very rapidly. 
20th Decbr. Mr Bunce has collected some more words from Mr. Turner the blackfellow.
Bokaara the name of this creek. Yandukall the
Condamine,  aade. wood in general. gong water,
thono woman, thanthai no good, boathanthai unpleasant smell, boging dog, gothang cloud, nyamiyam pannekin, tharong trousers; {tharong gekuck in H PhIll.} padn grass, korango reed, konong fishes  [{indecipherable}],  nrgar pelvis, th stoang opossium. {flying squirrel in H Ph} moon anus. byar bairu testicles.
Turnbull and the blackfellow returned yesterday afternoon with one horse No 5 and the mule No 4.  A heavy thunderstorm came on at 4 oclock from the S West and the whole night was cloudy and sultry. The flats gets [get] very boggy again. Supposing that the heavy rain would wash out all the tracks and that it would be easy to recognise fresh ones, I set out with Brown and the native to examine those little plains, here we had found the horses and the scrub to the westward, should any water [indecipherable] then [indecipherable] which the mules might have kept. No new track was however found

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