which worse than lice tried my substance boring most eagerly into my skin. I washed & combed & brushed and with the latter I tolerably succeeded in cleansing myself, most terribly disgusted with the filthy things.
During our reconnoitring ride two thunderstorms formed - one to the Southward. The other to the North, which gave us a slight sprinkling but which flooded the camp. During the night heavy rain came on again, which flooded set again the flat almost under water and made the creek rise bank high. Its roaring sound as it came down the valley sounded like a strong wind and I was glad to hear it, until I recognized the real cause.
I have forgotten to mention that the Bottle tree exudes a white transparent tasteless gum, a good quantity of which was collected by Brown at Zamia Creek. The [undecipherable] albumen tastes well with sugar.
Mr. Bunce has spoilt his stomach and got very ill. "Wommai" got the fever, or a near approach to it: I gave them 2 qr. of tartar emetic and both are much better, though the medicine did not make Bunce vomit. Bunces constitution is worn out, or very weak, he seems to have lived a wild and according to my opinion a bad life when he was young. He should never have joined my Expedition of which to bear the fatigues, he requires the [undecipherable] of Providence. He has been constantly complaining and doctoring of an Eruption at the anus, perinaum and penis, which I cannot help thinking of a venereal character, though he does not admit any intercourse with unclean woman. I myself commence to be troubled with boils, which have been allways the followers of rainy sultry weather, of much riding and want of clean briefs; cleanliness men cannot keep clean in a climate and living like ourselves, who does not

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