his position, though I had explained to him clearly enough what I wanted him for when he came and asked permission to go with me.
We had a most delicious Kangaroo roast for supper last night, but I am sorry to say it affected my bowels and this with the wet of today made very uncomfortable. I have suffered allready several times of Rheumatism in the thighbone and I am afraid I shall suffer more. Brown complained very much of pains in the chest and I myself suffer sometimes. Swift and Camden killed an enormous oldman kangaroo 7' long from head to tail, the tail 3 feet and 2 inches. He defended himself well and gave several deep scratches to our dogs.
A pretty sida, the scrubstargrass and the native wheat are growing round our present camp.
16th Jan. We travelled about 9 miles N 75 W. and past two of our camps, leaving them and the large windings of the creek to our left. The country was most beautiful - box slopes with dark soil on Sandstone rock of yellowish colour which is excellent for grinding stones. A great variety of grasses and herbs amongst the other particularly one grass resembling paspalum but bearded. The Oatengrass with its high elegant loose panicles frequent; the narrowleaved sida of yesterday Authenoum and the red Pimelea which Calvert first found on his dogtrip. The woolgrass has sometimes 10 spikes. Turnbull brought a composita looking like Achillea. Farther on we past equally open silverleaved Ironbark ridges. The Boxflats along the river are extensive and until now open. Farther to the right a belt of scrub forms a dark barrier along the top of the ridges.

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