inclined to believe that it was with the intention of giving Brown another spell day and that both had planned such a delay. they were however mistaken; for Turnbull got the horses and Brown had to go.- The cutting up of the meat was extremely slovenly and by far the greatest job fell to my share.  Hely and Brown were waiting for their horses and as a fatiguing ride was before them, I could not ask them to assist us.  Boecking was making blood puddings and was constantly occupied in the kitchen with frying fat and preparing meals.  Wommai was out for the horses, Mann was giving out the provisions for the two horsemen; there remained consequently Perry, Turnbull and myself.  Perry assisted manfully,  Turnbull got every now and then an ailing stitch in the side and then in the back which compelled him to go into the kitchen, to make the fat damper and to see how the black pudding was  going on.  Mr Bunce put the meat but non lines and poles [?] and though weak and sick he did his best. Afterwards Mann joined, but he had a heavy headache which prevented him from working as he would have done. Not with standing all this however we got over the cutting up late in the afternoon. The weather had been extremely favourable, but suddenly thunder was heard and heavy clouds past over which sent a few drops down. At night we had a regular set in rain and I was afraid that we should have the same fate as at the killing of the cow. We covered however, most of the meat
and the rain of the night did us little harm. The 20th the 21st an [and] 22nd were fine drying days, not so hot, with constant breezes. At the night of the 19th the cattle was not brought early enough to the camping ground which was the reason that they bolted during Mr. Turnbulls watch. Wommai fetched them back 20th and stated that they had been going towards Honey camp. Next morning the 21st Wommai got so sick after eating soup that he was ill for the whole day and could not attend to the cattle after which he is gone today again. The general health of the party has perhaps improved and I will suffer of muscular pain in consequence of the [indecipherable] of the Killing days, but I am well and showing in my feet.[?] Boecking is well, Turnbull is much better but Perry suffers much of diarrhoea

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