Mr Andrews and Mr Testius Campbell have added a dozen wethers each to my stock. The cattle which I took from Mr Hughs is still very wild and will give us a good deal of trouble before we are able to watch it at night. The rainy weather at this time of the year 20 - 23rd  Novbr. is unusual but Mr [can't read]  told me that he had [can't read] a flood of the Condamine some years ago. - I sent Mr Bunce with Wonemai to drove the goats and sheep to the wool shed at Mr Dennis's but I hope he is at present at Mr Coxen's station to wait until the rain is over and the plain is dry again.
A seabreeze from the Eastward reaches here at half an hour after sunset. Wednesday the 25th Novbr. The rain has continued with Easterly and NEasterly wind. The moon is 7 days old and it seems now as if it was going to clear up. But there will be no chance before the change of the wind which blows irregularly but occasionally very strong. Mr Gregor the Clergyman arrived last night and we had a christening and prayers this morning. It is a question whether the state of the plain will allow us to proceed tomorrow. Hely and Brown have tracked our cattle every day and they are improving. For this reason alone our compelled to stay at this station will be of the greatest advantage to us.-
The 30th Novbr. A day before yesterday 10 of my mules and 4 horses strayed back. I had none of my blackfellows here, supposing that the paddock would prevent any troubles of this sort. Bocking followed their tracks, but as it was getting too late he returned and the beasts gained a long way

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