an observation of the altitude  of Beltatrix - the grass is extremely rich and forms a great contrast with the burnt up appearance 2 years ago -
the grass with a broad flat leaf, annual with long black aristae, which I found in the Tropics particularly [partial?] at the [indecipherable] and thought particular to them, I met yesterday at Zamia creek in the greatest abundance - Wommai said that he had seen arborescent [?] Zamias at Pt Marquary [Port Macquarie], I do not believe him, but shall ascertain the truth of his statement and think he has mistaken the Pandanus for Zamia. The bottletree is abundant on the scrub of Zamia creek, it is perhaps different from that we have met at the Dawson. Its young alburnum tastes well with sugar. We had a [?] of [indecipherable].
the 7th febr. We travelled today round Aldis's Peak to which I approached much nearer than formerly passing through scrub along a water course, which brought me down to the swamps full of water SE of the Peak and after travelled about 7 miles NNE I left Zamia creek and kept NNW which brought me over some open [indecipherable] Ironbark Ridges and some scrub to the swampy lagoons to which I wished to come. It was excessively hot 98º in the shade at 1 oclock. Thunderstorms threatened from W, N  and NE but soon came up. the thermometer sank however to 80º . I observed flindersia [pyramdalis?] [indecipherable] which I had seen at the Mackenzie and another very aromatic little tree or shrub.
I made observations with my boiling apparatus at 4pm. 80º therm.

A.  212.25
B.  211.75-80
     210.40                 1021                1021
                                   509                  205
                        10  4. 5 12                  816
                                 204.8                   1100 
     Elevation 897 feet above the level of the sea.                                                   

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