the 10th febr. We past over the Range, a fatiguing long stage; Brown was of great use to me with his power of recollection and of recognising the various spurs and gullies.But we missed a few not withstanding the spur on which we had descended 2 years ago and went down much quicker and much easier than before. - Some of the views were magnificent, particularly from the last whinstone [can't read], when the Ranges to the SE and NW were visible. the woody grevillea which I had formerly seen in blossom, was in fruit, not yet or partly ripe on the sandstone spurs where also an acacia similar to A. anceas [?] and several other interesting acacias grew, particularly a pendulous shrub from 2 - 6 feet high. A Boronia was also gathered. On Erythrina [?] creek I observed a stringy bark along the creek which I had not seen before but which resembled much the species of Eucalyptus Will. Macarther got from Argyle. It has a glaucous subfalcate lanceolata [?] rather large leaf. An interesting leguminous plant with kinate [?] leaf, traces [?] of yellow blossoms of the sharp corina [?] of the Crolaloring [?] compared [?] to  strigose [?] many seeded pods grew on the flats: a fine little [big?] plant with simple leaves like that I gathered on the Gwydir, grew on the whinstone ridges. The real stringy bark, the Rosemary Myrtle, 4 - 5 species of acacia, the grass tree, Bomaderris [?],the fern tree grew on the  Sandstone ridges. The silver leaved ironbark and the arborescent [can't read] formed the open forest of the basaltic hills. These were clad in the most beautiful verdure, and formed one of the finest contrasts with the low dry sandstone [can't read] - the small creek of the NW side to which we descended was running with water - very different from the time I descended two years ago in December - the weather was cloudy, the morning with a heavy shower of rain, the night calm and sultry.
the 11th febr. I followed the creek down into the scrubby flat country. As long as the rocky ground lasted our jaded muscles travelled well, but when we came into the flats, the ground was so cloggy and heavy, that the poor brutes

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